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The Project Curator has a creative/production side and an administrative side. 
From video projects to personal assisting to organization...projects get done with an attention to detail!



  • The Project Curator is pleased to introduce "Relative Story" projects in video and custom-book formats. Sorting through photo albums and trying to write an autobiography can be overwhelming and time-consuming for seniors and your family members. The Project Curator creates more simplified video-format storytelling capturing your loved one's voice and image.  Video storytelling allows a more visual point-of-view for your family's future generations.

  • ​With extensive experience in communications, The Project Curator creates online video courses. These courses allow an expert in his/her respective field to share course content beyond a more limited live course or self-published book, increasing the opportunity for more sales for specific content.

The Project Curator also does promotional videos and marketing support through websites, landing pages and social media, building an online presence with more vivid media momentum.


  • With over 10 years of personal assisting, interfacing with a client's accountant, family members and household staff, etc., The Project Curator is a trusted resource for administrative and organization tasks.

  • Need to declutter your life to function on vital vs. urgent priorities? Need help moving? The Project Curator can handle project management details from start to finish. 

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