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Frank Capra video project

The Project Curator worked with the La Quinta Historical Society on  video interviews to capture stories of La Quinta Hotel's most globally famous resident in La Quinta, CA.
The expanded interview segments plays on a monitor within the FRANK CAPRA exhibit.
Here's a promo:

Lincoln's Scout video project 

The Project Curator worked with the La Quinta Museum, CA on a video interview with author M.R. Cannon on his book "Lincoln's Scout: The Diary of Horatio Cooke: Soldier, Spy, Escape Artist."
The expanded interview segments played on iPads within the exhibit.
Here's a promo:

KINGS Literacy Pact video projects

The Project Curator teamed up with the Kings Literacy Initiative Pact (KLIP) projects supporting evidence-based reading instruction for teachers in Kings County. The Project Curator edited multiple informational videos and segments. Here's a sample:

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